• Jonathan Aymin

How to Pick An Outdoor Venue in North San Diego County

Picking a outdoor wedding venue in North County can be pretty tricky! Here are a few of the strategies we have found that help other couples! Garden weddings in North County San Deigo are popular and there are many different options and variables to consider espcially in Vista, CA where River Garden is located!

  1. Choose a wedding location that is good for most of your local guests and central enough to be easily accessed by other flying in from out of town!

  2. Think about a smaller space than you originally thought about or a place that is virtually enabled!

  3. Figure out your budget and do some reasech to understand what average costs are for a wedding.

  4. Come up with an estimated guest count! Remember, this may change as people decide to travel or not!

  5. Narrow down some dates and have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd pick~ you want to be able to have a backup date if you fall in love with a venue and they dont have your first prefered date open!

  6. Reach out to a few venues with some basic questions: venues with quick response times usually will be great communicators all through the booking cycle and this goes a long way!

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