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One Step At A Time: Step One- The Announcement

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Okay my sweet brides and grooms, the time has come! You are now engaged and anticipating the excitement of your wedding day and all that comes with it. First things first, let’s announce this thing! Guys! There is a celebration at hand! The two of you have decided to become one (Mark 10:8); entangling every aspect of your lives together. Okay...pause...what do we think? Scary? Exciting? All of it? Good news! You’re human and it’s okay to hold many feelings at once. And, great news, you’ve hopefully chosen someone who is looking forward to getting to know you for the rest of your life. So, enjoy getting to know each other even more deeply as you journey through engagement with one another. Life is a journey, enjoy it together and take one step at a time.

Step 1: Tell the fam! (And, friends who are like family, of course!)

So, the first option when it comes to announcing your engagement, and the most likely option in our day and age- social media. Folks, everyone and their mother is going to know you are engaged if you post on the gram, Facebook, Twitter...I mean, you know the drill. If you’re looking to save yourself some time because calling people individually doesn’t suit you; don’t fret, you can just post a picture.


As mentioned earlier, you do have the option of calling your closest friends and family individually. This could be really meaningful and special to both you and your family members. Hearing them celebrate over you will be lasting encouragement to carry with you throughout your engagement process until the wedding day.


Maybe you have a big family and a lot of friends and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to make all of the calls. Brides & Grooms, your parents will likely, just naturally, do the majority of the announcing to their friends and family and if they don’t you might consider asking them to make the announcement on your behalf. Friends, most parents typically love that their child is getting married and it might just be a way you can honor your mother and father as you begin the journey of separating from child to spouse (Ephesians 5:31).


Grooms, we know the engagement is often where your planning skills are displayed. This is the day you chose to ask your bride-to-be to spend her life with you. Or, maybe you had some help and it was a team effort (team work makes the dream work). Well, have you considered letting that teamwork translate into a potential engagement party? This is where mother-in-law, sister, friend, etc. could come in for a surprise engagement party that takes place directly after the engagement! This way, the engagement is announced right away (that was easy)! Or, maybe you want to have the engagement party about a week after the engagement to give you and your bride-to-be time to just bask in all the excitement and feels.

Regardless of what you choose, know you are loved and celebrated more than you know and ask yourselves: How can I honor my future spouse and others throughout this process? Always remember our family over at River Garden would be honored to walk with you on this journey too.

We love you!


Devin Thompson

River Garden AVM

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